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Prescribed Fires Maps


The objective of the Prescribed Fires Maps is to support the User for the identification of the areas where the “prescribed fires” prevention procedure is applicable in a secure way. Prescribed fire is one of the most versatile and cost effective tool land managers use. Prescribed fire is used to reduce hazardous fuel build-ups, thus providing increased protection to people, their homes and the forest. Other uses include disease control in young pines, improving habitat for wildlife, range management, preservation of endangered plant and animal species and the maintenance of fire dependent ecosystems. Prescribed burning accomplishes many important ecological functions and landowner objectives. In fact, prescribed burning removes accumulated fuels and therefore the risk of intense fires. The rate of spread and damage caused by the resulting fires are directly related to fuel types and volumes. Many public agencies and some private landowners conduct prescribed burns to restore or improve natural forest conditions. Prescribed burning also changes the composition and density of existing vegetation. In forestry operations, fire at three- to five-year intervals reduces competing vegetation under forest stands over 10 years old. In pasture and range systems, fire is used at two- to three-year intervals to reduce encroachment of shrubs and invasive exotic weeds. By reducing dead fuels, harvest residues, and dense understory shrubs, prescribed fires can increase: openings for tree planting or natural regeneration; visibility within a stand for recreation; openings for wildlife feeding, travel, and display; access for hiking and other recreational activities. Although the benefits of prescribed burning are clear, there are also notable concerns. Two of the most important are the possibilities of fire spreading to adjacent properties and smoke intrusions in populated areas. Good management can reduce these concerns.


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