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3D Fire Damage Assessment Map


The objectives of this information product package are: (1) to provide 2D and 3D information about the damage caused by forest fires, in order to highlight areas prone to soil erosion and increased  risk of flash flooding and debris flows, (2) to include volumetric indicators about the bunt areas (3) to see burnt area evolution overtime.
The methodology will be based on GMES Initial Operations specification standard products benefitting from both optical / radar data methodologies already used by UNISTRA. These will be complemented and upgraded by the integration of Digital Elevation Models and new and proposed near future data such as radar derived 3D analyses. This could integrate multi-temporal analyses through HR radar interferometry pre and post event to indicate new types of information requested by forestry users,e.g. volume indicators concerning the burnt forestry. With respect to soil erosion the application of the Revised Universal Soil equation (RUSLE) within a soil erosion vulnerability study will be also considered, in a GIS environment. RUSLE should be calculated before and after the fire, the results being compared to see whether this can highlight areas vulnerable to erosion. The product will integrate as layers: fire affected and burnt area maps derived by UNISTRA during rapid mapping events and/or PREFER burnt area maps plus other exogenous data layers such as urban areas, hydro-geological basins, transport networks & infrastructure, protected natural areas and others as requested by users involved in the project such as tree height estimators for burnt tree stands.


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