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Severity Damage Map


The Severity Damage Map provides information status of the vegetation after the burning event for planning the recovery phase. The R&D activity regards the development of an index, called DSI (Damage Severity Index), allowing the estimate of the entity of the damage caused by a fire. In this regard, post-event management is typically focused on reducing the effects of erosion and reducing the recovery time of the ecosystem. In the case of large forest fires post-event phases of mitigation and rehabilitation of the area can be costly and time-consuming due to the extension of the affected area. Both short and long term effects of fire on vegetation and soil can be estimated in terms of severity of the fire (Burnt severity). Detailed knowledge of the level of damage and its distribution throughout the burned area (Burnt severity map) is a key factor to quantify the impact of fires on the affected area, to select and prioritize the process to apply, to plan and monitor the activities of recovery and, finally,
to provide basic information for subsequent monitoring. The index introduced in this WP, starts from the experience gained so far in the scientific community in the use of the indices CBI and GeoCBI for developing it in a way to exploit the potential increase of the spectral information that will be available in the near future with the advent of hyperspectral satellite sensor like PRISMA or HYMAP, etc.

 Example REC SD

Severity Damage Map for the Golfo Aranci fire occurred on the 24 June 2013 - Italy

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