Information Support to Preparedness/Prevention Phase (ISP) Service

Fuel Map

The Fuel Map  is  computed on the basis of high resolution EO data ( RapidEye, Landsat EO data) . It provides a Forest Fuel classification according to assessed capacity to support fire occurrence and contribute to fire potential.


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Daily and Seasonal Fire Hazard Map

PREFER provides a Daily Fire Hazard Map and a Seasonal Fire Hard Map products


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Vulnerability Map and Risk Map

A main objective is to express vulnerability in measurable units or single indices in order to be used for the estimation of the total fire risk at European level.


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Prescribed Fires Maps

The objective of the Prescribed Fires Maps is to support the User for the identification of the areas where the “prescribed fires” prevention procedure is applicable in a secure way.


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Information Support to Recovery/Reconstruction Phase (ISR) Service

Post-fire Vegetation Recovery Map

The product estimates the vegetation re-growth and/or biomass increase using the Burn Scar Map approach.


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3D Fire Damage Assessment Map

The objectives of this information product package are (1) to provide 2D and 3D information about the damage caused by forest fires, (2) to include volumetric indicators about the bunt areas and (3) to see burnt area evolution overtime.


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Severity Damage Map

The Severity Damage Map provides information status of the vegetation after the burning event for planning the recovery phase.


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Burn Scar Maps by High Resolution Optical Data

The most effective, passive remote-sensing methods for detecting and mapping Burn Scar on high resolution data.


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Burn Scar Map by Very High Resolution Optical Data

Burn Scar mapping from Very High Resolution multispectral data


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