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Project Description


The main objective of PREFER is to set up a space-based end-to-end information services to support prevention/preparedness and recovery phases of the Forest Fires emergency cycle in the EU Mediterranean Region. The PREFER Service portfolio consists of two main services:

  1. Information Support to Preparedness/Prevention Phase (ISP) Service
  2. Information Support to Recovery/Reconstruction Phase (ISR) Service

Hereafter the peculiarities of such information services are listed:

  • They will be based on an harmonized set of user requirements, defined by the different users from Portugal, Spain, Italy, France and Greece, also taking into account the different legal frameworks existing in such countries.
  • They will be as general as to be usable in the different countries of the Mediterranean Region.
  • They will be demonstrated by an interoperable service provision infrastructure (based on OGC / INSPIRE), that will allow easy access to the information.
  • They will be complementary to the products provided by the GMES Land and Emergency services of the GMES Initial Operations.
  • They will be complementary to the products provided by the EC JRC EFFIS System.
  • They will be based on the exploitation of the data from the GMES space infrastructure.
  • They will optimise integration of different data: EO, Digital Terrain Models, socio-economic data, in-situ data, meteorological data.

The PREFER consortium has the ambitious objective to start up the formation of a cluster of research institutes, industries and SMEs focused on the provision of space-based information services and products in support to Forest fires emergency management in the Mediterranean Area.

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